Voice of Success After School Program

Voices of Success Kids and Teens

The goal of this program is to teach students just how important their voice is, that every voice matters, and the best way to use our voices effectively in all scenarios.

Students will learn to combat nerves,

Articulate their message with clarity,

Speak with confidence,

Captivate the audience with vocal variety,

Create a message that represents who they are,

Get past fear of other’s judgement,

Present and communication without perfection.

Students will also learn that every voice matters.

Communication phrases to be a more effective communicator.

Listening for empowerment.

How to manage conflict vocally,

How to fill the space with your voice.

Speaking with the proper tone of voice.


Students ages 8-10/11-14 will learn how to excel at using their voice through the use of creative drama activities, speaking and presenting opportunities, podcast creation, impromptu speaking and more.


The primary focus of this program is focused on teaching students the 12 elements of effective communication and how to properly use their voice in all scenarios.

As we work on speaking with a Voice of Success we will also cover the topics of:

Verbal communication

Nonverbal communication/Tone of Voice

Right of refusal/saying no

Giving constructive criticism

Receiving constructive criticism


Dealing with conflict


Classes held in Studio City

Classes run January 8th – April 16th

T or TH Classes available


$270.00 per month

For program information or to bring this program to your after school program email thetheaterplace@gmail.com

Program designed by Internationally known voice coach Tracy Goodwin.