Podcasting Pro’s Summer Camp

Podcasting for Kids and Teens Summer Camp

Does one of your children have a budding voice behind the mic?

A creative mind that loves to tell stories?

Podcasting is an incredible way for children to learn and grow in confidence,  articulation, creativity

  • They’re great for developing teamwork skills.
  • Encourages and fosters creativity.
  • Build’s articulation and voice and speaking skills.
  • Builds confidence.
  • It gives them a potential audience of thousands for their work.
  • It’s great for developing literacy skills (writing scripts, setting up interviews. etc), allows children to develop and practice their speaking and listening skills. and they also learn some amazing ICT skills.
  • Podcasts can be interactive, and the audience can be invited to send them comments, giving valuable feedback to the children about their work.

Over the course of the week, the participants will learn everything about podcasting from start to finish and will create and record their own show.

*What is a podcast?

*How do you create a podcast?

*The technical elements of hosting and running a podcast including equipment, cover art, editing

*Developing a show from start to finish, intro episode plus other episodes

*Recording  the show

*Voice technique and speaking skills to make your show great


Podcasting is the wave of the future and is a viable profession on its own.


San Marcos, Tx, Texas State University: July 23rd-July 27th 

Ages 10 and up! * 9:00am to 2:00pm*$215.00

Los Angeles, CA,  North Hollywood Location:  July 13th-17th

Ages 12 and up! * 9:00am to 2:00pm *$215.00


Email thetheaterplace@gmail.com to register


Join Tracy Goodwin, Internationally known voice coach and award-winning podcast host of Captivate the Room as she leads this incredible experience.  Find out more about Tracy and International voice coaching and podcast at http://www.captivatetheroom.com