Day They Sold the Moon Play

Are you looking for a wonderful play to do with your school or tour to a school?

Look no further.  The Day They Sold the Moon is available to be produced by your theater. For royalty and perusal copy information email

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The Day They Sold the Moon by Tracy Goodwin and Jack Paschall is a wonderful play for a small cast with a powerful story.

Cast: 2 girls, 5 boys, 6/7 parts interchangeable.

The story follows Jack, a 9-year-old boy who is clever and smart and considered weird because of it. He doesn’t really fit in or has too many friends but what he does have is an incredible imagination and a desire to go the Moon to find out if it’s made of cheese.

Because of Jack’s brilliance and his thirst for research, he devises a plan to get to the moon. Outrageous as it sounds to dress up in cow costumes, he and his 2 friends convince their mother’s to make the costumes for Halloween and find themselves in a field waiting to be abducted.

Jack’s friends wary and return home right before Jack is abducted and carried off to the moon where he meets Musher. Musher is a savvy business alien and he’s selling off the Moon which is actually made of cheese for profit. Musher has brought Jack to the moon to enlist his help in American sales. Musher is keenly aware of American’s desire and longing for stuff and uses this angle to get Jack on board. Jack, the child of a single mother wants nothing more than to help out his mom and make a little cash for his own things that he longs for but can’t afford.

Jack goes to work for Musher and in the process becomes one of the most popular kids in school but not because of who he is, but because of the cheese.

When Jack finally gets caught by his mom she shows him the moon from earth and Jack is able to see what he’s done, the moon is almost gone and he has deep regrets for being so selfish and potentially causing great damage to the animals and people of the world and the universe on the whole. He knows he can’t go on selling off the moon.

Before he can get to Musher he becomes the enemy of all his classmates when he shows up with no cheese, he struggles to figure out how to tell Musher that he’s no longer going to sell the cheese and that in fact, they both must stop before it’s too late. Jack knows that Musher will not take kindly to this news and that he must devise a great plan to not only stop Musher but to get him on board.

Jack does just that, he creates an incredible plan to stop Musher and repair the damage they’ve done. In the end, Jack realizes, through the friendship he’s built with Musher, what really matters and that’s being who you are and that it doesn’t matter how popular you are or what people think of you but to be yourself and love each other in spite of our differences. Jack and Musher share the lesson of taking caring of our world because it’s the only we’ve got.

For royalty and perusal copy information email