Is Anybody Listening?


An award-winning play about sexual assault that must be told.

Contains minimal adult language and intense subject matter.

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Synopsis for Is Anybody Listening.
3 Men, 6 Women, some parts interchangeable.

Looking forward to getting healed of trauma from sexual abuse, a young lady thinks she made the wrong decision when she checks into a psychiatric facility but over time she realizes life’s not like imagined.

SIDNEY FULLER, a young entitled girl checks into Del Mar Psychiatric hospital after she was sexually abused by a guy she met through a friend she trusted. Sidney has always been blamed for the evil that befell her, her parents think her wayward life earned her the abuse and the trial of the culprit turned out to be her own trial. Accepting her doctor’s recommendation, she checks into the psychiatric institute.

Within the first few hours of her stay at the facility, Sidney believes she doesn’t belong in this place, especially with people that are so beneath her station in life. She’s always wanted to look good and be looked after. Her experience in the institute with other women and staff helps her overcome the trauma and her own self-hate and acknowledge that everyone is a victim of circumstances and that she’s really not better than anyone.

Sidney’s first encounter is with a woman who suffers emotional and sexual abuse in the hands of her father which later led to her having epilepsy. This encounter confirms her desire to leave but moving on to hear the story of another woman who got stalked and was raped for hours by her predators in Sidney’s first group session brings her to the realization that she might not be better than the other women.

While Sidney forms bonds with the other women and goes through her healing process, she encounters moments of pressure and emotional abuse from her psychologist, DR WYZENSKI who’s not looking after her best interest but rather her own self-serving agenda. Sidney struggles with her own masks and finds herself repeatedly running away from Dr. Wyzenski’s inquisition and pressure.

Listening to other women’s stories, realizing circumstances make her no different from the other women and seeing things happening around the institute from the interaction of the staff and patients, Sidney gets back her life and garners strength to stand up to Dr Wyzenski emotional abuse; not only for her but other women she has grown to respect and admire in their own way.

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Is Anybody Listening? An Award Winning Play About Sexual Assault

Sexual assault has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind this year from Brock Turner to Harvey Weinstein and beyond.

But, it’s not a new subject.

In the play Is Anybody Listening? we explore not only the horrific trauma of sexual assault but also the aftermath in how lives are completely changed.

Playwright Tracy Goodwin chronicles the lives of 5 women who have experienced sexual assault and are now in a recovery facility trying to put their lives back together.

In this play, you not only hear real stories of the victims Marty, Tammi, Sidney, Donnelle, and Sheila but you see them put the pieces back together of their lives while trying to navigate a narcissistic psychiatrist, an intern that borders on sexual harassment and their own combativeness against each other.

Is Anybody Listening? is a play that brings to life the after effects of this horrific trauma and has the potential to change the trajectory of how assault is viewed and acted upon.

Is Anybody Listening? is available for tour in 2018