Welcome to the Theater Place.

The Theater Place, owned by Tracy Goodwin has been producing plays for adults and children for 10 years!.

The Theater Place was created to showcase unique musicals and plays with an emphasis on children’s theater.

Tracy Goodwin directed plays around the globe with young people and adults and she has a deep understanding of the power of live theater for all ages and walks of life.

Today, the Theater Place still offers children’s productions and will be touring internationally again in 2018.

The primary focus of the Theater Place moving forward is a focus on social commentary theater pieces, children’s theater programs that include multi-media, the documentary Is Anybody Listening?, the touring show Is Anybody Listening?

You can find out more about all of these projects here on the Theater Place Plus website.

Thank you for your willingness to create and move forward in confidence as you share your message as a performer, a speaker, a world changer with vision.


Current Projects

Is Anybody Listening? the Documentary

I’ve been coaching voices around the globe for almost 28 years.

I was also raised in a family where I was not allowed to express myself, use my voice so you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that my purpose here on earth was a voice coach.

Over the years I’ve seen the insurmountable damage done when people believe they aren’t heard when they are afraid to use their voices or simply don’t because they don’t have the courage or can no longer be ignored.  For some people, they take action, violent action when they no longer can tolerate the feeling and the desperation of not being heard.

I’m a researcher, I always have been and over the last several years I’ve been extensively researching the ramifications of not feeling heard, the damage that is done when people don’t feel heard, the connection between violence and bad choices and not feeling heard.

This “not feeling heard” and the life-altering implications it causes runs from Skid Row to the Board Room.

The goal of this documentary is to shine a light on the intense problem of not feeling heard, to show the stories and share the evidence of what tragedies and life-altering events happen because of something so simple, using our voice or not.

If you have a story to share about not feeling heard, please email tracy@captivatetheroom.com

If you’d like to donate to the documentary, click here:



Tracy Goodwin started winning speaking awards at the age of 12.  She went on to have a thriving career in TV and theater.  Tracy has directed plays all over the world including tours to Russie, Ireland, France and the UK.  Internationally known for her work, she spent 3 years directing the Pickwick Players.

Tracy has been working with adults and young people for over 20 years.  Specializing in directing and voice, Tracy loves working with business people and actors to help them increase their confidence and shine like the stars they are.

In addition to her work with young people over the last 20 years, Tracy has coached voices of TV celebrities and business leaders around the globe.  Tracy taught voice at the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts and Mike Nichols New Actors Workshop during the 15 years she lived in NYC.  She started the Theater Place in the 90’s as an umbrella company that travels with her as she directs shows in various cities and in various collaborations as well as the youth theater programs she is responsible for launching.

Tracy has published 5 books, 3 on teaching with creative drama, Captivate the Room with Your Voice and The Day They Sold the Moon, a children’s book she co-authored with her son.

Some of her celebrity client’s include:  Jackson Rathbone (Twilight, On the Ship) , Micheal Arden (Big River), Sybilla Deen (Tyrant, Tut ), Reiko Aylsworth (24, Scorpion), Jadyn Wong (Scorpion), Shelley Henning (Days of Our Lives), Ryan Dorsey (Pitch), Dustin Kerns (Wolf of Wall Street), Alexandra Bard (Meanest Man in Texas), Gabi Rangel (American Crime), Orlando Rios (American Crime), Riley Smith (Scorpion)

Tracy has an M.A. in Child Drama a B.F.A. in Directing and an M.A. in Corporate Communications.  Tracy worked professionally as an actor on TV for 10 years and has numerous voice-over credits.  She was the spokesperson for Shell Oil Company, Blockbuster and Texas Commerce Bank.

She started directing plays and developing theater programs for young people 20 years ago.  She has traveled internationally with young people doing theater and was the director of the Internationally known Pickwick Players for several years.

Tracy’s directing credits include:

Texas State University Summer Theater Camp:


Beauty and the Beast

Little Mermaid

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

Wizard of Oz


Peter Pan


International tours:

3 tours to Russia- Foxtales (collaboration w/ the Moscow Film Institue)

2 tours to Ireland, Foxtales, Cotton Patch Gospel (collaboration w/ the Catholic Diocese of Ireland)



Other shows:

Backyard Story

Emperor Toad

The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe

High School Musical


A  Midsummer Night’s Dream

Much Ado About Nothing


Little Shop of Horrors

Bye, Bye Birdie

Bleeding Tree (New Playwright of the Year Award)

Is Anybody Listening? (Take back the night signature piece)



Is Anybody Listening?

  An award-winning play about sexual assault that must be told. Contains minimal adult language and intense subject matter. For royalty, touring show schedule or perusal copy information email theaterplaceplus@gmail.com Synopsis for Is Anybody Listening. 3 Men, 6 Women, some parts interchangeable. Looking forward to getting healed of trauma from sexual abuse, a young lady …

Is Anybody Listening? An Award Winning Play About Sexual Assault

Sexual assault has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind this year from Brock Turner to Harvey Weinstein and beyond. But, it’s not a new subject. In the play Is Anybody Listening? we explore not only the horrific trauma of sexual assault but also the aftermath in how lives are completely changed. Playwright Tracy Goodwin …


For more information email Tracy at thetheaterplace@gmail.com